How To play

How To Play

Each week simply anticipate the results of the games Football Brain select from your chosen League(s). Points are then
awarded to you based on the validity of these predictions. You will be ranked against other players predicting results
from the same League(s) as you. You will be able to track your league position throughout the season using your own personal profile section. At the end of the season the top scorer from each league will be crowned a FootballBrain Champion.
Don’t worry that you might forget to enter your predictions because each week we will send you an email as a reminder!

How To Register

The game couldn’t be easier to play just follow these simple steps:
    1.    Complete the registration form
    2.    On the registration form you must select which league(s) you wish to predict games from.
    3.    When you have completed all the necessary sections click submit.
You will then be ready to enter your first predictions. Register now

How To Enter Your Predictions

    1.    To enter your predictions login to your Personal Profile Section.
    2.    Once in your Personal Profile Section you can enter your predictions by clicking on the link(s) marked
{Enter this week’s predictions}
    3.    Enter your predictions using the drop down boxes provided. Click Submit to enter your predictions.
    4.    You may submit your predictions as many times as you like. The last predictions you submit before the deadline
are the ones used to calculate your weekly score.
(The deadline for entering predictions for each weekend's fixtures is 3.00pm on the saturday just before the games start.)

Soon those of you with WAP enabled devices will be able to enter your predictions whilst on the move.

Watch this space for details! Click MINI LEAGUE for details of How to set up a mini league.